You’re invited to answer:
What Matters Most?

Join us for a profound day of exploration, contemplation and inspiration around one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves: What Matters Most?

Be inspired by a wide range of people who have answered the question in unforgettable ways. RSVP today. Space is limited.


Sunday, November 15th 2015, 9am-3pm
at Montage, Beverly Hills

The Montage Beverly Hills



Journalist, National Public Radio; Author, Unforgettable

A beloved host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, he is no stranger to compelling stories. In his latest book Unforgettable, Scott communicates this poignancy on a deeply personal level.



Writer, Producer, Playwright

In the television series Parenthood, Jason delivers a moving storyline about a family dealing with mortality. Integrating this story into popular media stimulated a compelling conversation about end-of-life care.


Executive Director,
Conversation Project

Talking about dying isn’t easy. As founder of the Conversation Project, Harriet is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care, a startling question, yet one with profound implications.


Head Coach/President of Basketball Operations,
Los Angeles Clippers

In 2000, the Clippers were featured in Sports Illustrated as the worst team in sports history. Coach Rivers will talk about how last year he helped them achieve their best record ever.


Palliative Care Physician,
Author, Advocate,
Institute for Human Caring

As a leading palliative care physician, Ira is a public advocate for improving care through the end-of-life. He works to measure, monitor and improve care while supporting culturally diverse communities in expanding models of caring for life completion.


Author and Journalist,
The New Old Age

Paula Span is a respected journalist who's blog ran in The New York Times, in which she explores the intergenerational challenge we face caring for adults over 80 - the fastest growing segment of the population.


Founder, Groceryships

Former Wall Street Trader earning millions, Sam now dedicates his purpose to the non-profit he founded, focused on hunger, obesity, health and low-income communities.

de Castro Buffington

Founding Director,
UCLA Global Media Center for Social Impact

Sandra is a pioneering force in entertainment for social change. As a leading authority on storytelling for social good, she inspires and catalyzes audiences worldwide.


Television Writer/Producer

Margaret is an award-winning writer and author of the screenplay about the Lost Boys of Sudan called The Good Lie. She is actively involved in furthering rights and visibility for people with disabilities.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell as remembered by
Scott Neeson, Founder, Cambodia Children’s Fund


Sunday, November 15th 2015, 9am-3pm
at Montage, Beverly Hills



MPTF is proud to offer this thought provoking summit.

The goals of the What Matters Most summit are to offer transformative ways of thinking about how to make the most of your life. We will offer insights into the idea that living a good life is not a problem that we solve, but an experience we cherish. We will explore ways in which family, purposeful living and engagement with our greater community can enrich our lives.

Our speakers offer exemplary and intriguing examples of people in our industry who have consciously or unconsciously taken a stand on What Matters Most in their lives through their action, new beginnings and personal and professional projects. The stories they share with us are not only captivating, but inspiring.

We welcome you to join us, lean in, and think about What Matters Most in your life.